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Burton Health & Spirit

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Ongoing Events

We sponsor many ongoing  events at
Burton Health and Spirit as well as workshops and
Special Events.  Check back often for updates. 
 Listings are free unless otherwise noted.
URI Meeting
United Religious Initiative
Cooperation Circle
Stay tuned for updates on our schedule!
A global embrace of religious tolerance
Rev Tiger   440-729-SELF
Free Tai Chi
Every Wednesday at 7pm
Burton Township Hall
Rapids Rd (DOT) at Hotchkiss

Spa Parties

Gather your friends and co-workers at
Burton Health & Spirit for a fun 
and healthy get-together.
Massage - Reflexology - Reiki
Spirit Readings - Tarot - Astrology
Tea Tasting & Leaf Readings
Call Rev Tiger for more information!

Burton Health and Spirit 
14595 Baird Street, Burton, OH  44021